Amazing is the power of now!


So now that I have written about the Idiots..and yes I feel as though its perfectly alright to still refer to the Dr. and Therapists as is in truth really what they are…I actually have felt the energy of anger fall away…I sit and call them into my mind visually and I feel no ager, revenge or the serious feeling of wanting to stab a fork into the back of their neck..oh was that too violent..sorry…sorry the point is I feel none of that! Guess I just needed to get it out and in print..I now look at them and feel such pity for them as they live their lives in full knowledge that they are not contributing to the world or the people who come to them in pain…they are hackers and so be it..they will have their lives reflect that energy in ways I don’t need to see to know. I am grateful for my constant awareness of my own feelings and how they affect my health and wellbeing.. That was yesterday and I forgive myself as well as them and I go forward..I am choosing health and joy and freedom from the shackles of my anger…I love my brain and soul..they have become unified and always for my highest good! If I just remain still and listen..I can hear all of the answers…I had been urged to write or blog for a couple of weeks prior to my starting this…HUUUUMMMMM…interesting…intuition…spirit…my higher self…God source..Universal Life Force? It is all of them as they are one! Ohhhhhh the Tarus Bull in me..the stubborn questioning me, gotta wait two weeks after hearing the answer to write it down…Well, I love that too…(: Big breath in..and release! Yeah man..I feel surrender….in all of my cells and physical being..oh look at that,my back isn’t screeeeeeming in pain! Feels GOOD to release the pain! Namaste’ to all!


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